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San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden Education Center in San Luis Obispo, CA


"This newly completed straw bale structure is an artistic blend of sustainable features and functions providing an eco-friendly atmosphere. Guests will be captured by the beauty of this building and the natural garden setting," - SLO Botanical Gardens


USGBC, LEED Registered


Passive solar design for natural ventilation, passive heating and cooling and daylighting.

Straw bale construction with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified scissor trusses.

Pre-plumbed for rainwater use in native, drought tolerant, turf-free landscaping.

Green non-toxic materials and finishes.

Solar electric photovoltaic system for clean & renewable electricity production.

Recycled content materials for finishes and insulation.

State of the art wastewater treatment system includes constructed wetlands and training facilities.


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