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  Bethany Bandera  


Congregation Beth David Synagogue in San Luis Obispo, CA


"The architects also drew inspiration from the site itself. As well as creating a building that utilizes the sun and wind for light, heating and cooling, its flowing quality expresses their understanding of the site as a place of wind and birds. Even the shape of the sanctuary, inside and out, brings to mind the sweep of wind and birds in flight."

- Leslie Cohn, Beth David Design Committee

"Thank you for a wonderful working relationship,"

- Beth David Design Committee

USGBC, LEED Certified for New Construction


Passive solar design for natural ventilation, passive heating and cooling and daylighting.

Straw bale construction, green non-toxic materials and finishes.

Native, drought tolerant landscaping.

Solar electric photovoltaic system for clean & renewable electricity production.

Recycled content materials for finishes and insulation.

On-site stormwater treatment with bioswales.

Deeded 62 acres of the site to a permanent open space easement increasing the City's green belt.


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