Community & Residential

Our residential scale work has been with a wide variety of housing types and densities. We have dealt with very strong community context, such as with this cohousing project, as well as single family houses in a variety of settings.


Tierra Nueva Co-housing Community: Oceano, CA

  • 27 Units on 5 acres
  • common house
  • community orchard & gardens
  • playground, crafts building

All units are passively heated and cooled

In cohousing, the neighborhood is formed first and physical planning and design follow. If successful, as in this case, many social and economic advantages are achieved.

“Community is the hidden dimension of sustainability.” 

– Jim Leach

In addition to multi family and high density, we have designed over 200 single family residences for a variety of settings. The common elements in all of these projects are passive solar design for heating and cooling as well as daylighting, strong connection of interiors and exteriors, and honest expression of materials and form.

Farm House | Templeton, CA

Residence | Avila Beach, CA

Residence | Arroyo Grande, CA

Trout Farm Residence | Santa Margarita, CA

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