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Sustainability has become an integral part of institutional and commercial projects. SLOSG has been in the forefront of determining what this means. We designed the first net zero energy commercial scale building in California as well as the first LEED certified building on California’s Central Coast.


Wolken Education Building Hidden Villa Foundation Los Altos Hills, CA

    “This is probably the most sustainable commercial building in California. It is energy independent, non-toxic, and built with a high degree of sustainable materials.”

    -Quote from a guide to green buildings in the bay area published by the San Francisco Institute of Architecture (SFIA) in 2006.

     A commercial building with sustainable features should be more comfortable, healthier, aesthetically pleasing, and contrary to common belief, more economical to build and operate.

    Botanical Garden | San Luis Obispo Ca.

    The building fosters habitat & encourages water consciousness

    Congregation Beth David | Morro Bay Ca.

    The first certified LEED Building on the Central Coast

    University of Washington, Everett

    Everett Washington is the largest U.S. city without a four year University. This study, which was conducted for the city, illustrates what can be offered to the state for a university annex: a spectacular riverfront site on the location of a burned out saw mill, easy access, and opportunities for riparian restoration.

    All facilities have access to natural lighting via roof monitors and transparent insulation roofing tuned to the unique climate of the area.

    Rooms have access to views of the river or marsh areas and individual buildings have expansion capability.

    Facilities are structured along a covered academic street with river facing quads and marsh facing quads.

    Service circulation, receiving and delivery,

    shops and maintenance facilities, laboratory and services for individual buildings occur here.

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