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The design scale that is the most intimate to the majority of users is interior design. We give special attention to this level of design to achieve an aesthetic that is integrated, powerful, and peaceful.


Wolken Educational Center | Los Altos Ca.

    This mural on the east wall of the Wolken Education Center in Los Altos illustrates the building’s relation to its setting, the local watershed, and on a regional basis, its relationship to the San Francisco Bay

    In cohousing, the neighborhood is formed first and physical planning and design follow. If successful, as in this case, many social and economic advantages are achieved.

    “Community is the hidden dimension of sustainability.” 

    – Jim Leach

    Design of artifacts that compliment the larger design is also given attention where applicable. This may take the form of architectural accessories, murals, small auxillary buildings, trellises, etc.

    Residence | Paso Robles Ca.

    Residence | Templeton, CA

    Residence | Arroyo Grande, CA

    Trout Farm Residence | Santa Margarita, CA

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